Dr. Adrian L. Mesa

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

     Dr. Adrian Leonardo Mesa is a psychiatric nurse practitioner, an Army veteran, and a professor at the University of Miami. He has been practicing in the field of psychiatry since 2012. Dr. Mesa created the group in 2014 in order to provide psychiatric services to individuals living in nursing home settings in Aventura, Hollywood, Miami Lakes and North Miami.  Dr. Mesa recognizes that there is a huge need for caring and empathic providers and so he is expanding the role of AMP Group- Mental Health Services to  provide personalized and individualized psychiatric outpatient care.

     Dr. Mesa has witnessed atrocities throughout his career. He has been part of teams who cared for patients who experienced the sudden death of loved ones and grieved with mothers who lost their children unexpectedly. Dr. Mesa has assisted individuals afflicted with a life of chronic mental illness, and guided persons afflicted with drug dependence to a life of sobriety, as well as aided those suffering due to living in a state of poverty and/or homelessness.  Despite all of these extremely devastating life events that humans experience, Dr. Mesa sees hope and opportunity in every situation.  Hope for the capacity of the human to find healing and an opportunity to gain new insight and new perspectives.

     Adrian was previously employed by Camillus House, a non-profit organization that provides health care, shelter, and social services to the homeless and poor in Miami-Dade County. Adrian’s role with the organization was unique.  He, alongside a team of dedicated individuals, spearheaded a movement and took healthcare “to the curbside” to care for the homeless population atop their cardboard boxes on the streets of downtown Miami rather than in the typical office setting (see 'In the Media' Section). His willingness to see how his patients lived and to sit alongside them while offering physical and mental healthcare gave him tremendous insight into the homeless life and just life in general.  “I was able to aid in the treatment of individuals who have no resources, no support and no home.  I know now that I am capable of helping individuals in the most difficult life circumstances.”

     Throughout his career Adrian has taken the time to serve abroad on multiple missions trips to countries such as Haiti, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Cuba.  He continues to actively participate and advocate for those who are marginalized by society, the homeless, the mentally ill and those suffering from substance dependence here in Miami. Adrian states, “I go out to serve the less fortunate, work with those living with mental illness and counsel individuals thinking that I am saving them, only later have I realized that they are saving me.  They give me perspective on life and what really matters... the people.”