Nursing Homes

What We Can Do For You

AMP Group Mental Health Services will be able to provide care to those living in nursing homes throughout South Florida. A highly trained staff member will provide comprehensive behavioral health services to improve the quality of life of residents and assist the interdisciplinary care team in achieving best person-centered care practices.



Diagnostic Evaluation

Assessing patients’ psychological functioning, with specific recommendations for rehabilitation and treatment.


Medication Management

Treatment system used to ensure that patients are receiving optimal therapeutic outcomes for the prescription medications you may be taking.


Behavior Management

Our providers will be able to address common behavior problems, such as wandering, personal care difficulties, and sexual acting out.


Alzheimer's Screening

Screenings will be completed through a multi-modal neurobehavioral assessments.


Cognitive Assessment

This will be completed using neuropsychological and neurocognitive assessments that assist in differential diagnosis, treatment planning and identifying cognitive functioning that impact memory, attention and problem solving to improve overall cognitive functioning.